Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The first Rotten Pear of the bunch

The White Rose Bar & Grill
48 N. Beaver St., York, PA - LL

Usually I can take or leave the food at The White Rose.. I am particularly keen on the "Pit Beef/Turkey/Pork salad" however upon inspecting the menu, I find that my sure thing is no longer listed. I select instead the Blackened Shrimp and Scallop Caesar Salad. That and some raw Oyster shooters for an appetizer. We were seated outside; in hindsight we should have just waited for a table inside to free up. As the temperature soared, my appetizer was served. I can't complain about the oysters.. they were fresh and had good flavor. Moments after slurping down the last one I started feeling woozy. 95˚ was having its way with me. Thinking I could make it to the restroom to cool down, I excused myself from the table and made my way inside. As I waited in line, I noticed that the handrailing I was white knuckle gripping started "moving" (hmmm, earthquake? time warp?)... then I realized that it couldn't be the railing that was moving!! 

I awoke some seconds later wondering where the hell I was and why the woman hovering over me sounded like Charlie Brown's teacher. A few staff members came to my aid.. I overheard rumblings of "All we need is a lawsuit!" which would have warranted an equally impudent comment, had I been cognizant of  all my faculties. I was told to lay down, wait for the ambulance.. heaven forbid I become a liability. They gave me a glass of water, only to take it away moments later. I suppose they thought I had been drinking (which I had not) The threat of a lawsuit however, did not stop the constant flow of polluted patrons using both the men's and ladies rooms.. everyone had to step OVER me to get through. Not around, OVER. You would have thought if the staff were so concerned, maybe they could have pulled out one of those little yellow caution cones? 

Needless to say, the ambulance took an eon to arrive. By then I had regained most of my motor skills and decided to leave. Our meals were boxed and the check presented as I still lay on the floor. classy. Wearing a sleeveless shirt, I could only imagine what kind of restroom floor goo I was covered in from all of that traffic.

Back in the land of climate control, I attempted to eat my salad. The scallops were large, pleasing to the eye but mushy and raw in the centers. The shrimp were okay - however there were literally three in the entire dish. I may be bitter, perhaps jaded by the little "incident" of earlier but my taste buds don't lie. I will not be frequenting this establishment any longer. The priorities for food and customer service - and maybe just doing the right thing for a stranger - are dire.

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